Friday, January 25, 2013

Lagniappe Information on Deals to Look For!

Hi I am Tiffany, and I am a couponer.  There I said it. Some don't think it's worth the time - and I am not sure why anyone wouldn't want to save money or pay full price!

So I compiled a list of random things that I have learned - feel free to let me know of any tips you have found that may help others - just add in comments at bottom of post!

A good deal to me is 50% off or more, but I LOVE 75% plus much more! If there is a huge quantity of items especially at end of season or holiday, keep checking back until the discount is what you want! 

Randomly walk down the aisles in drug stores - they always mark down random stuff to 75% off!

Most stores have clearance sections (usually at the back of the store or end of an aisle cap)

Couponing does NOT mean you have to change brands - most brands have coupons or deals on them too! The ones that are rare are fruit/veggies/meat, but just about everything else is fair game! 

But I do find sometimes I have used coupons on a brand that I wouldn't have normally bought, and I switched brands after that (one great example is Cottonelle toilet paper at Walgreens is $5 for a 12-pack, cheapest place I have found it, and they usually have an instore coupon for $1 off) - I admit I was a Charmin girl, but Cottonelle is what I buy now:)

NOTE: I post Freebies, random online/store deals, and grocery store deals weekly - so check the blog for posts on each of these - I am always updating them!

Big Lots - Poptarts (8 and 12 count boxes) are usually $1.20 a box! They don't accept coupons, but that is a great price to me!  Check out the food aisles - they have the same things as the grocery store (the expiration dates are still good) - the items are store brands (Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, etc) and the prices are cheaper!

Kmart - usually does markdowns on Sunday mornings.  Make sure you register your Shop your way rewards card online - they send out notices of $5-10 off a purchase of clothing, toiletries, etc pretty often lately.

Groupon/Living Social, etc - these are GREAT ways to save at least 50% off locally.  This is the ONLY way my family goes out to eat - has family outings - I used these sites to purchase nice gifts for a low price (SHHH!)  - Here is a compilation of all my favorite sites! - I used this one to save up to 60% at local restaurants, and even purchase them when we go on vacation - because there is SOO MUCH $$$ to be saved on vacation right? The certificates NEVER expire so buy them when they go cheap (like $2 for a $25 certificate) and save for later!

Christmas - I am one to buy most of my gifts AFTER Christmas on sale - not so much for my kids, but family and friend gifts, wrapping paper, etc.

Dollar General - I admit I never entered a Dollar General until I moved to an area, where it was the ONLY thing around...and boy I was missing out! They have crazy cheap prices - and they take coupons so it's even cheaper! The things I tend to buy there often: feminine products, Coke 2-liters @$1.35 each.  Just about EVERY Saturday, they have a $5 off $25 purchase coupon - and use it with coupons to watch the savings add up!

If you make ANY purchases online - get CASHBACK here! I have received over $300 so far!
Just about ANY online purchase counts- MUST go thru Ebates first!

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Birthday Month Freebies - check it out HERE!

Note: These 3 posts are ALWAYS at the top of my blog page so you can come back and find the information easily (even from your phone it's listed under the "home" tab)

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