Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ebates and Shop At home - Get Cashback!

If you buy ANYTHING online - you need to sign up for these programs - and it's FREE!

Ebates - earn CASHBACK on purchases made online PLUS a $10 gift card with your first $25 or more purchase online!  I started with this site November 2012 and already have near $1000 in my account!


Before making a purchase you MUST log in on ebates first to see if they have a cashback deal and click SHOP NOW - to use their link to make a purchase (so it tracks the purchase) - almost every site I have bought on is listed...And the amount can vary 2%-10% and more!

Even Amazon, Groupon and Living Social participate!

Don't forget to sign up HERE now!


Be rewarded the Web's Premiere Rewards Site
Join Swagbucks.com and earn 1,000s of free prizes, for doing the things you do every day. Register Today!

Swagbucks is perfect for anyone who searches online - you get swag "bucks" that you can use to buy things - like Amazon gift cards and special discounts at TONS of local places (Bookoo Bounce, Nacho Mama's, etc) - you don't have to buy anything - just search online - or take a survey or two...watch a video...print a few coupons (10 swagbucks for each redeemed)...no matter what, you get earnings!

UPDATE: You can get 2-for-1 passes to Bookoo Bounce or Zephyrs, 15% off Best Buy phone accessories - ALL FOR 35 Swagbucks (which is very easy to get to!) - See more offers like this in the "Redeem" section

ShopAtHome Banner

Shop At Home - same type of site as Ebates - earn CASHBACK on purchases made online - I have been using this one for awhile - and have earned $305.39 since 2011!!!!  I had money sitting in the account I didn't even know and just needed to verify my mailing address and check was mailed ASAP!

This site has a toolbar to download that when you open a site it pops up to let you know you can get cashback - you get $5 bonus for downloading toolbar - AND make sure you click "see deal" to get a trackback number.

FYI: This site is not as good as ebates in making sure you get your cashback - I keep track of my purchases and usually have to remind them to give me the cash.  A little more work, but I am happy with the $300+ I have received back so far!

Upromise - Join Now 125x125HOW TO SAVE FOR COLLEGE? - Just keep spending $ and searching online! HUH? That's right...keep reading!

Upromise - Start Your Kid's College Savings Today - Join Now

  • Join Upromise for FREE and register your grocery loyalty cards, credit cards, and other basic information to allow us to track your eligible spending
  • Shop for the participating products and services you enjoy
  • Save a portion of your qualified spending for college automatically in your Upromise account.

Shop online? Earn at least 5% for your purchases...Or if you shop in stores, you can register your  Rite Aid card, Winn Dixie card, CVS card, etc...and get cashback!

Search online? and you earn $ for each search that you do - no buying to do - just search!


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