ShopKick = Free Gift Cards!

So I wanted to get familiar with this app before letting you know about it, and this is what you need to know:

IT WORKS - IT'S LEGIT - You get GIFT CARDS - and you don't have to spend ANY money:)
Sounds like a plan for some FREE Christmas gifts!

So this is how it works:

1) Download SHOPKICK app here (it's free!)

2) Swipe through different stores that have offers (Best Buy - Target - Walgreens - Gap - etc)

3) After you pick a store, they each have "lookbooks" that you can swipe through
SUGGESTION: Look for the ones with a ARROW on the Right side (they are a bigger size block ad) - swipe through those until you find the SURPRISE envelope - Tap screen to Open it - and you get a "KICK"
This is great to do while waiting in carpool - doctor's office waiting room - counting sheep in bed:)

4) Open the app as you are going into stores listed as "Receive x KICKS on your next walk-in"
This simply means open the app - walk into that store - and get KICKS just for walking in the store (you may have to wander a bit, but you will get notified when your phone is found)

5) Scan products in certain stores thru the app, and get KICKS for that too!
Scans I have done - Best Buy, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS - SUPER SIMPLE!

WHAT IS A KICK? Kicks are like points - when you get x KICKS, you get a gift card:
500 kicks = $2 gift card Target
1250 kicks = $5 gift card just about anywhere
(Target/Starbucks/Best Buy/Sephora/Old Navy/Lowes - you get the IDEA)

After that it appears to level out (2500=$10 etc) so I suggest a goal of 1250 kicks and cashout for $5 gift cards! It is easy to get there with some swiping/scanning/and store walk ins!

Other Info: You can get more KICKS for purchases in certain stores if you link your credit card - I have not done this (I am very leary on cc input) so I just plan to get gift cards for NEVER SPENDING ANY MONEY!
Note: you can make purchases at Best Buy without linking your credit card - just give them your Shopkick phone # at checkout (details in the Best Buy info in app)

So get the app HERE now - and start KICKING!

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  1. I've done the CC/debit card for kicks.. I have had no problem with them at all. (Most of the places that give kicks for purchases are places I use my coupons for purchases -- Old Navy and Target, for example, so I think it's awesome!)

  2. And, if you are willing to spend the time, Target regularly will give hundreds of kicks for walking around and scanning random items throughout the store!

  3. I haven't cashed out anything yet, was wondering when you cash out, how do you get the gift card? Thanks.

  4. Theres an easier way check out

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  6. If you guys need help with getting kicks, check out this out to learn different Shopkick cheats and tricks!

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