Friday, January 25, 2013

My Winn Dixie Purchases - Week #2

I recently joined in on a friend's facebook post about the amount of $ they spend on groceries every month - and for a family of 4-5 it seemed to be about $800/month - WHAT??? So I wanted to track what I am spending in a month...with coupons/weekly deals - so here starts mine!

So I wanted to let you all see how to take advantage of the Winn Dixie deals I post every week - Here is a picture of all the items I purchased tonight:

I unexpectedly ran to Winn Dixie last night - and did pretty good considering the deals this week are just OK.  I had NO coupons...and it was snack day at school, so I splurged a bit:)

Before Savings $107
Discounts (buy one get one, sale, etc) - $34
FINAL TOTAL $73 - so only a 32% savings

UPDATE: Stopped in during the Tailgate Party on Sunday (didn't win tickets to the Superbowl, but grabbed a few more deals:

(6) Zatarain's Jambalaya - $1 and (2) Red Baron Pizza (still B1G1 free plus I used the $1 coupon from last week's paper) and Goldfish (they convinced me!)
Before Savings $24.81
Discounts - $12.53
FINAL TOTAL $12.28 - savings of 49%

I bought quite a few buy one get ones - my fav being the Red Baron Pizzas - because that is my staple dinner when I don't feel like cooking:) I bought Pretzels for snacks and cereal for breakfast - all buy one get one!  One I missed and am going back for is the Zatarain's jambalaya mix on sale for $1 with a 50 cents off coupon! I add the cocktail smokies (B1G1) this week and dinner is served!

HOW? Almost everything I buy is on sale!
Other items were BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - or $1 (10 for $10, but you don't have to purchase 10)
NO COUPONS were used - but I definitely use them when I can!
BONUS: I received additional 20 cents in fuelperks (so that is $4 SO FAR off my next fillup!)

FYI: My kids are picky eaters - I don't plan my meals in advance - I buy name brand - rarely buy generics unless I like them better - We drink Coke products! (just so you know I am a normal person!)

I don't buy based on what we need for the week - I buy what is on sale and in larger quantities if needed!

So this week's deals can be seen here!

This was Week #2 - purchased on January 23

Since I am trying to track total food spending honestly, here is extras for this week:

After the Lil Rascals Parade, we picked up food - so no cooking that night:) $32.00
Z got his report card and got to pick dinner that night (it's a tradition!)- Papa John's (used the 50% off code by ordering online)- $32.54

WEEK #1 total - $119 - you can see more info here
WEEK #2 total - $85.28
Winn Dixie Subtotal: 204.28

Other: $64 (includes meals out)


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