Thursday, January 24, 2013

Up to 60% Off Hornets tickets!

Make an offer on NEW ORLEANS HORNETS tickets - and offer up to 60% off - sounds easy and can have BIG SAVINGS if you make your offers well!

I haven't tried it out yet, so keep me posted if you do, but I plan to do this for our next Hornets game!

Score Big - check it out HERE! Sign up for an account FIRST to get a code for AN EXTRA $10 OFF

 then Through January 29th - you can buy a $30 voucher toward tickets for $7 (only $2 if you received an email in the past few days from Amazon Local, current members only!) - so that is $40 in savings already (plus the discount on your tickets!)

How Score Big works:

1. Find tickets you want to buy. It's easy to find just the event you want on ScoreBig. Browse by event type, date or location.

2. Choose your seating area.

Once you've found your event, the next order of business is to select a number of tickets and seating area. Though we can't promise you a specific seat, we guarantee your tickets will be in the area you selected. And no matter how many tickets you buy, they will always be together - which means in a row, one next to the other, without any strangers seated in between.

3. Tell us what you want to pay.

Now it's time for a little fun. You're going to tell us how much you want to pay for your tickets, and we're going to try to get you that price. When you make your seating selection, you'll see a full price listing and a percentage that other members recently saved on similar tickets. Take both numbers into account when deciding what to offer. Thrilling isn't it?

Hold the drum roll for one more moment. Before we reveal whether or not your offer has been accepted, you need to submit your payment information. We don't charge you anything unless your offer is accepted. Click "Make this offer," and...drum roll please...
What is full price? Full price is the amount you would pay for a ticket including the face value of the ticket as well as convenience fees and shipping and handling charges you would pay another ticket seller.
4. Get an instant answer!Find out right away if your offer has been accepted. We invite you to do a victory dance, call your friends, yell out the window and post it to Facebook. Winning really is a great feeling, isn't it?
What if my offer isn't accepted? There's no need to worry. There's still a chance we will make you a counter offer. You can also make an offer on a different seat rating to the same event right away. To make an offer on the same event and same seat rating, you'll have to wait 24 hours - which in the grand scheme of things isn't so long.
Score Big - check it out HERE! 

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