Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ibotta- Easy Way to Earn Cash QUICK!

So there is this new app called IBOTTA and here is how it works.

You read a fact OR take a 1 question poll OR watch a video - and earn 25-75 cents (for each)

It LITERALLY takes a few seconds per product- and the $ adds up quick!

You MUST buy a product that is on the list for the week (at Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, etc - currently NOT Kmart) - SCAN the upc code and receipt to Ibotta with your phone

**NEW** Redeem at least 2 offers in the first 2 weeks after you download the app and
GET A $2 CASH BONUS!  That can definitely make for some great freebies!

AND earn money almost instantly! Send it to your paypal account and YOU'RE DONE!


Go to the Main Menu in the app and select Bonuses. 

Here is a select list of Bonuses launching on Thursday: 

$.50 April Showers “Quick!  Redeem any 4 offers by the end of April and earn an extra $.50.”  Once you earn April Showers, you will unlock another exciting Bonus. 

$1.00 Steady Eddy “Redeem at least 1 offer each week for 4 weeks in a row. The Bonus clock starts on Monday of every week.  Remember not to miss a week or the clock restarts all over again!” 

$1 Coke-Walmart April Challenge “Redeem all 4 Walmart Store Extras by the end of April and earn $1.00 Extra.”

HINT: I thought there were only (4) offers for the week - but scroll your screen and their are TONS more! So see which ones are for products that you plan to buy! Also you can take a pic of the bar code BEFORE you buy to confirm its a match!

You can do this while waiting at a doctor's appointment - or sitting in the carpool line- and you are ready to make money before you even shop:) You can deposit into your paypal account and once you reach $5 -  CASH OUT! - I have a whole lot more offers ready to go!  

The KEY will be to buy products - use coupons - and have Ibotta make the item FREE or a moneymaker! So I will start adding these deals to the coupon deals every week too so make sure you sign up now - go get some money!

If you like Ibotta - try Endorse (a different app but similar!)

Questions? Or Issues with your cashback:
Go to the receipt in question on the app and you can “Report an Issue” directly to Ibotta.

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