Grocery Savings Tips

 Taking a few minutes to register your card on these sites will simulate "DOUBLE COUPONS" for us New Orleans people who don't have that option!

How to Maximize your Savings (these are one time signup deals - and all are FREE!)

1) Sign up with Upromise - Start Your Kid's College Savings Today - Join Now - and get cashback toward college (or just cash out!) you’ll get an automatic 1% to 5% credit in your Upromise account every time you purchase a participating item. (once you register your card, it does ALL the work for you!)  Sign up your Winn Dixie/Walgreens/Rite Aid and CVS cards too!

2) Register your phone with Ibotta (take a pic of your receipt and get cashback on certain items) - sort of like instant rebate, but no stamps or hassle!  There is another similar app just released - Checkout 51 (you can enter the same receipt into both and double dip your cashback!)

*NEW* Another one called Snap by Groupon - same concept - and you can DOUBLE OR TRIPLE dip when the same offers are on the other apps too!

3) Nothing to clip, Nothing to Print! Save on Groceries at 
when your Winn Dixie/CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens cards are linked to your FREE account - make a purchase on a participating item, it will add $ to your account...and then when you get $5 - you can cashout! No work on you! Make sure to select which offers you want...and then scan the ACTUAL card at checkout!

4) You can still use printed/paper coupons with all this too! So you might get lucky and have some double/triple/quadruple deal offers - LOL!

I LOVE Winn Dixie - I shop the Buy one get one FREE deals every week and save a TON!

5) If you are a Winn Dixie shopper: REGISTER YOUR CURRENT CARD with WINN DIXIE online - or GET ONE HERE and coupons can be uploaded DIRECT TO YOUR CARD!

UPDATE! Winn Dixie now has a free phone APP to add your digital coupons to your card! More info on this here!

NO NEED TO CUT COUPONS:)  This is exciting news - the discounts will AUTOMATICALLY be taken off your bill - BUT You have to choose which coupons you want to be uploaded to your card!

6) Winn Dixie only: SIGN UP for the Baby Club (even if you don't have a baby) - they mail you monthly coupons for regular items too - like 75 cents of boxed pasta, etc... NOTE: Valid birthdates must be between expected and 2 years of age.

7) Winn Dixie only: You will get discounts on gas via W Dixie's fuelperks at Shell gas stations for certain items and every $50 purchase (before coupons and sales prices)...Make sure you scan your card (not just enter your phone number)- My best EVER was 38 cents for 20 gallons of gas! OMG!

And don't worry...I will mention when to look out for special deals every week - just make sure you are registered for each and ready to go save some money!!!

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