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Winn Dixie Deals - Week of March 6 - 12

If you are a coupon-er already or just ready to try, I encourage you to use these deals! If you are new, pick a few and try it out on your next grocery trip.  I try to only use deals that include printable coupons - it's easier to print them right before you shop, then to store mounds of old newspaper coupons and hope you find the one you are looking for (I will ONLY post these if it's from the same week's paper!)  NOTE: (2) Printable coupons can be printed from each computer (just hit back and refresh page to print second one)

Winn Dixie
I love Winn Dixie - because I also get FUELperks and save on gas - MY best was 38 cent for 20 gallons of gas - MAKE SURE that you scan your card (not just enter your phone #) to get fuel perks!  Certain items if bought during the week, get you extra fuelperks - and you get 5 cents for every $50 spent, etc.

****NEW NEW NEW NEW ****
WINN DIXIE online - and coupons can be uploaded DIRECT TO YOUR CARD!

CLICK HERE to find out OTHER ways to MAXIMIZE YOUR SAVINGS!!! I listed 7 of them and they are all FREE!!!!

ALSO: Take advantage of the Buy one get one FREE deals, and 10 for $10 (you don't have to buy 10- you can only buy 1 and it is still $1) - the KEY is to buy what you need of these deals until they have the same deal again!  I try to ONLY buy items that are on sale that week (except staples)

Winn Dixie Sales run WEDNESDAY to TUESDAY - When you check out, scan your W Dixie card LAST (after all items are checked out) - so you can SEE THE SAVINGS DROP!

My favorite deals (or I think it's a SUPER deal) - has a * next to it! There are WAY more savings in the store, I just post the REALLY GOOD DEALS!

NOTE: You can use (2) coupons on Buy one get one items b/c you are "technically" buying 2 items

**THERE ARE OVER 500 BOGO deals - so this is a small list of my favs!**

Boneless Top Round London Broil
Pork Steaks/Pork Ribs
Boneless Top Round Steaks

Bryan Hot Dogs - $3.29
Land O Frost Sub/Wrap Kits - $6.99- print $1 off here (use 2)
La Banderita Tortillas (20 ct) - $3.29 (freeze a pack for later)
*KC Masterpiece & Garland Jack's BBQ Sauce - $2.59 (get 75 cents cashback on KC Masterpiece thru Ibotta)
Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables - $2.79
Ore-Ida Sweet Potatoes (frozen) - $3.99 - spend $15 get $5 cashback thru Savings Star (free items do not count toward total)

Dole Salad Blends (salad in a bag) - $3.79 each - print $1 off coupon (use 2) -
FINAL PRICE: 89 cents each!

Lay's Potato Chips - $4.29 - print $1 off special flavors if included (use 2)
Chex Mix - $3.99- print 50 cents off (use 2)
Progresso Soup - $2.59
Nature's Own Butterbread - $3.29
Toufayan Pita Bread - $1.69
Ragu or Luxury Pasta Noodles (DINNER!) - upload $1 when you buy 2 Ragu to your W Dixie card
Snicker's Ice Cream Bars - $5.59 ( YUM!!!!)
Nabisco Snack Packs - $6.49 (perfect for school lunches!)
Kraft Salad Dressing - $3.99
Hunt's Ketchup - $2.99
Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip - $5.49 - print $1 off coupon (use 2)
(12) ct chocolate chip cookies - $3.99
1 lb Fresh strawberries - $3.99

General Mills cereals (Cocoa Puffs, Cheerios, etc) - $4.99  (get 50 cents cashback Lucky Charms only AND 20% cashback Lucky Charms only thru Endorse AND print 50 cents off Lucky Charms)

 OR $1 cashback when you buy 2 Specialty Cheerios if included OR 75 cents off Wheaties if included thru Savings Star)  AND print 75 cents off Wheaties

AND print $1 off 2
OR 75 cents off KIX if included

Kellogg's Cereals (Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, etc) - $4.69(get 50 cents cashback on Corn Flakes only thru Ibotta) (upload to your W dixie card - save $1 on any 3 Kellogg's Special K cereals if included, OR $1 on (2) Rice Krispie cereals OR $1 on (3) multiple options)

*Pasta or Rice-a-Roni - $1.99 (final price $1 each!)
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes (boxed) - $2.19
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix - $2.69

Cover Girl Makeup
Lysol Wipes/Comet Bathroom Spray - print 50 cents off 2 lysol wipes
*Finish Geltabs (20 ct) - $5.29 - print 50 cent coupon (use 2) - final price: $2.14 each!

All Laundry Detergent - $5.99 - spend $15, get $5 cashback thru Savings Star ($ does NOT count for free ones!) Idea: Buy (6), get 3 free - pay $12.97 ($2.16 each!)

10 for $10 items (really $1 each - you can get as little as 1 and still pay $1)

Blue Runner Beans
Hunt's Canned Tomatoes


Eggo Waffles (6-10 ct) - $2 each (get 50 cents cashback from Ibotta - Nutrigrain only if included)
Tombstone Pizza - 3/$10
Hawaiian Punch - $2
Blue Bell - 2/$9 - use $1 coupon (use 2) - and get 10 cents fuelperks = $2 off
Kraft Freshtake  - $2 - use $1 coupon

Yoplait Yogurt - 50 cents each

Mio Water Enhancer - save $1 uploaded to your card - and save $1 with Ibotta
Colgate Optic White Mouthwash - save $1 uploaded to your card - and save $1 with Ibotta
Coke 2-liter - save $1 uploaded to your card 

Simple Skin Care product - save $1 uploaded to your card 
AND use Buy one simple cleanser/moisturizer and get facial wipes FREE (this week's paper)

*Get 100% cashback on ANY coffee purchase (up to $3)

PICK 5 FOR $19.99 -none:(


Buy (2) Softsoap or Irish Spring body wash - get FREE Handsoap, lady speedstick/irish spring deodorant, colgate wisp 4 ct, jumbo loofah sponge - pay $8.49 - save $11.36!


FYI: WHAT A DEALS - Limit 1 of EACH deal per transaction. So if you want to buy 2 -you can check out immediately following the first purchase! You can buy 15 of them if you want (just check out 15 times!) I always stock up on the pizza What a Deals!

***Totino's Pizzas -  save $1.10 off 5 
plus $1 when you buy 4 thru Savings Star
and get $5 Paypal cashback when you buy 4 marked packages - so BUY in multiples of 4  ONLY need Code inside box to redeem online (no receipts).  limit 1 per household (if you want 8 use two different addresses/paypal accounts) - this deal good thru June???I believe - my point being that there should be lots of marked boxes around for awhile!

Want to see what I bought and my savings that I am tracking? Click HERE

To see the entire ad for this week, click HERE
Thanks Northshore Mama for the coupon links!

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