Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CIRCUS Is in Town (March 15-17) UNO Arena


The Circus is HERE - this is the Shriner's Circus!

Dates are:

March 15-17 -multiple showtimes per day!

1 hour before EACH showtime, there is a pre-party on the floor with facepainting, animal rides, clowns, etc!

You can purchase tickets here - use code "FREEPASS" to get the $9 discount tickets - these are in the second level general seating - but a family of 4 can go for $36 (plus fees) which is $52.20

I am guessing if you went to the Arena to pick up tickets - you would only be charged $36???

The "free ticket" passes that you can pick up in locally can also be seen online HERE - I cannot figure out how to get 1 ticket free with purchase of another - BUT regular price Adult upper level ticket is $22.85 with fees - so I am thinking the $9 tickets are still a better deal?

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