Saturday, February 9, 2013

Coupon Deals - Week of February 10

THESE DEALS BELOW USE COUPONS OR STORE REWARDS (rewards are like free money for your NEXT purchase!)

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If you know me - this is how I get all my FREE or very cheap stuff! I "rollover" my rewards from the week before for this week's new rewards - so I never really spend any money:)

Baby Food - any brand - 10% Cash back, up to $1.50 total cash back, limit 20 items... - expires 2/6/13

Chips - any brand - 10% cash back, up to $1.50 - expires 2/6/13

Frozen Pizza - any brand - 10% cash back - up to $2.00 total cashback, limit 5 items -

COFFEE - any (bag or CUP) - 100% cash back (if post to fb too), up to $3.00
I used mine at Starbucks - grande mocha for $4.05 (and after 2 pm they are buy one get one for FREE thru 2/14 so technically I got 2 for $1.05!!!)
If your app doesn't have the coffee one, click the 100% link above!

***some still are getting 50% cash back on diapers and 10% cash back on ANY fast food purchase - this app is CRAZY WITH DEALS!!!

Scan your card at the Magic Card Machine (front of store) for great deals - $10 off $50 purchase (if using this coupon - use this one FIRST then give all your other coupons) - any coupons from this machine can be "stacked" or used with other coupons too!

See ad for Items included in Spend $30 - receive $10 CVS gift card!

American Greeting Cards - buy 6 at $1.99 each
Use $2 off any 3 cards coupon (use 2 of them) - receive $5 rewards off $10 purchase
FINAL PRICE: 49 cents each!

Dove, Caress or Lever Bar Soap, 6-8 pk $6.50
Dove Body Wash, 18-24 oz $6.50
Buy (3) of them -  Use (3) $4 off coupon (last week's paper) - get $5 reward on $15 purchase, limit 6
FINAL PRICE: 83 cents (per 6 pack!)

Dove Hair Care - $3.50
Dove, Degree or Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant/Deodorant $3.50
Dove Men+Care Body Wash, 13.5 oz $4.00
use $2 body wash coupon from last week's paper
use $1  shampoo coupon here - $1 deodorant coupon here - get $1  instant cashback Ibotta for shampoo or hair care (just take a pic of your receipt)
Spend $15 - get $5 in rewards  (buy 5 of them - use 5($1) coupons - limit 6 rewards
FINAL PRICE: $1.30 each!

OR Buy (2) body washes - and (2) deodorants - and coupons listed above
FINAL PRICE $1.00 each

Buy 2 John Frieda Hair Treatments $8.00
Use $3.00/2 from this week's paper
Receive $5.00 ExtraBucks when you spend $15
Final Price: $4.00 each, when you buy 2

Nature Made Full Strength Minis Super B, $9.99
Use $10 CVS coupon and $3 coupon (you can use both!)
If the are BOGO Free, then use 2($3 coupons) - this may be next week depending on location
FYI- My cashier had to manually type in the $10 coupon b/c it wouldn't take the code - so ask them if they give you trouble!

Clairol Hair color- lots on sale for $2.24 - there is a $2 coupon in last week's paper -
FINAL PRICE: 24 cents!

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair color - on sale for $2.24 - there is a $5 off 2 coupon in last week's paper

Crest Toothpaste, travel size $2.67
Receive $2.00 rewards, limit 2
Final Price: $0.67

Dimetapp - $4.95
Buy 2 - and use (2) $2 coupons
Receive $3 rewards for next purchase
FINAL PRICE: $1.45 each

Hall's Cough Drops - $1.50
use $1 off 2 coupon here
Receive $1 in rewards when you buy 2, limit
FINAL PRICE: 50 cents each

Colgate MaxClean, MaxWhite or MaxFresh Toothpaste, 6 oz $3.00
Use 50 cent coupon from this week's paper - AND Use $2.50 off coupon from CVS Magic machine (scan card at front of store)

Nivea Lip Care, 0.17-0.59 oz $2.50 - buy 2Use $3.00/2 Nivea Lip Products from this week's paper
Final Price: $1.00 each

Tresemme, 32 oz $3.33 Tresemme Styler, 8-11 oz $3.33Use B1G1 Free TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner from last week's paper
PLUS $1.50 instant cashback from Ibotta (just take a pic of your receipt) - split remedy only, if included!
Final Price: 92 cents each

Mitchum or Lady Mitchum Antiperspirant/Deodorant (excludes twinpacks) $1.99
Use $1 coupon form this week's paper
FINAL PRICE: 99 cents

Advil Congestion Relief - $4.95
Use $3 coupon in this week's paper OR use $2 off coupon here
PLUS $1 instant cashback Ibotta (just take a pic of your receipt)
FINAL PRICE: 95 cents

Poise Wash, 7.3 oz $3.99
Poise Towelettes, 20-24 ct $3.99
Use $3 off coupon in this week's paper
FINAL PRICE: 99 cents


NOTE: Reward items are ONE item PER CHECKOUT. That means you can do all of these deals a bunch and keep getting them FREE - BUT you cannot use the same reward to purchase the same item in same week (i.e. get $4 rewards for colgate toothpaste - you cannot use the $4 reward to buy another colgate toothpaste! It will not print another $4 reward - so to stay safe, save all rewards for the next week!)

Poise Body Cooling Towelettes - FREE with coupon in last week's paper (WG only!) - value $4.49

Chloraseptic Warming Spray, 6oz Honey Lemon - $3.99
use $1 off coupon - AND use $2 off coupon in Walgreens coupon book (front of store)
receive $3 in rewards for next purchase

Listerine Mouthwash - WHITENING ONLY!!! $3.99
use $1 off whitening only  - use 2 of them!
PLUS CATALINA (extra $$$ printed at checkout)
Buy Listerine Whitening 1/28/13 - 2/24/13
Buy 1, Get $2 Register Reward
Buy 2 or More, Get $4 Register Reward
Final price: $1 each

Walgreens TRUEresult Blood Glucose Monitor $14.99
Submit for $14.99 Mail-In Rebate (on package)
Final Price: Free

Cottonelle Toilet Paper (12 pk) - $5 - use $1 WAlgreens coupon book at front of store
**This is my new fav TP - LOL**- use 10% cashback thru Endorse (just take a pic of your receipt) - limit $2.00 (so buy $20 worth of TP to get max rebate -which is 5 packs)
FINAL PRICE (if purchase 5 packs) - $3.60 each

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub, 1 oz $1.29, regular price (travel size)
use $2 off ANY clean and clear product (from coupon book at front of store!)
Final Price: FREE - not all stores carry this size:(

Clairol Hair color- lots on sale for $2.25 - there is a $2 coupon in last week's paper -
FINAL PRICE: 25 cents!

Depend Care Kits for Men- on clearance for $2.49 - use $2 coupon here
Final price: 49 cents 

Rite Aid

Final Price: 99 cents or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant 2.3-3 oz - $2.49
Use $1 coupon from last week's paper - plus $1.25 instant cashback Ibotta (just take a pic of your receipt!)
FINAL PRICE: 24 cents

Simple Skincare

Print $2 coupon here (moisturizers only- fill out 4 question survey) - get $5 reward when you spend $10

final price: varies
the moisturizer is $12.99 regular price so that deal would be $5.99
the facial wipes are $6.99 each *2=$4.49 each

Huggies Diapers/Pullups - $9.49
use $2 pullups coupon - receive $1 reward for next purchase
receive 50% cashback thru endorse (just take a pic of your receipt!)

Nivea LipCare (Buy one get one 50% off - $2.99 ($1.49)

use $3 off 2 from this week's paper
FINAL PRICE: 74 cents each (I LOVE THESE!)

Wet n Wild Cosmetics - 40% off
use $1 coupon in this week's paper

Buy 2 Reach Total Care Floss, 30 yds $2.99
print $1 off 2 Coupon

WEEKLY DEAL: Receive $2 reward, limit 2
MONTHLY DEAL: Buy 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina - Buy 3, Receive $2.00 Catalina - Buy 4 or more, Receive $3.00 Catalina (Buy Reach Floss between 1/28 – 2/24)
FINAL PRICE: FREE (2 of them!)

Office Max:
5% Cashback on all purchases made at Office Max (via gift card in the next month)

FREE Coffee Mug - when you spend $20 on cleaning supplies/breakoom supplies

Buy one get one FREE items - Sharpie Hilters, Markers, Papermate Multipak Pens

(36 pack) Wooden Pencils - 2 for $3

***supply your own reusable bags and receive a $0.05 per bag discount***
Save 5% on your entire purchase with the RED CARD - just debits directly from your checking account

BONUS: Target coupons - you can "stack" these with regular coupons too!
Target coupons to your cell phone via text - no coupons to cut...just show your phone to the cashier:)

Winn Dixie
See post for this week's special deals!

They accept coupons too! Plus every Saturday is $5 off a $25 purchase (just give them the $5 coupon BEFORE any other coupons)
Check out Dollar General exclusive coupons - you can "stack" the ones marked "DG coupon" with regular coupons too!

Click here for a $3 off $15 purchase coupon
They accept coupons too! Sometimes there is a $5 off $25 coupon in the weekly ad!
Check out these deals to get $ back on your next purchase!

DOLLAR TREE (Yes! They accept coupons too!) But with these extra rules:
All stores carry different products, so no guarantees!
***ONLY (2) printable coupons PER DAY*** so choose wisely!

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