Friday, February 15, 2013

Lakeside Mall - Deals of the Day

So I browsed at Lakeside mall today and just about every store had great sales- most signs posted were 60-75% off ....but these were my two favorites:

L'Occitane - located near Food court (behind crabtree and evelyn) - I have to admit I am a L'Occitane junkie - I don't know how to pronounce it, so I am glad I just have to type it:)

Stop in and TRY their hand cream - you will fall in love! I love the shampoo - although expensive at $20 per bottle (OUCH hurts as a couponer!) BUT it is the BEST shampoo for dandruff - trust me, I tried everything out there and this really really works so the price is right for me!

The key is to buy products when they are offering other here is how mine went:

I purchased (3) bottles of Shampoo and a bar of soap - total $70

WHEN you spend $65, you get a FREE body wash (valued at $20)

THEN you can purchase for $18 a bag filled with lotion, glitter shower gel, hand cream (love it!) and a soap - valued at $32 (save $14) - this is available with a purchase of $45 (which I did)

so my total was $88 - AND WHEN YOU spend $80 you get a FREE Shea Vanilla shower gel - HUGE Bottle - valued at $40!!

SO my grand total was $88 spent (plus tax) and I got $74 in FREE products! Plus they always throw in some samples:)

So if you have never been in the store, I encourage you to stop in- check it out - fall in LOVE!

OK- next stop was Claire's

Valentine items (with a pink tag) are 75% off - here is what I got - most items were $1.50-1.75 on sale!

AND several racks of SALE items - if original price was under $10, the item is only $1.00!  If it was over $10, the item is 50% off the last marked price...

I got all these for $1.00 each - and there were TONS of items left!  THINK: Easter Basket Stuffers! I have two girls- so this will help me a lot!!!

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