Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wreck-It-Ralph DVD - Pre Order DEALS!

I have to say I am not big on kid's movies - but this one I LOVED!  And loved it so much that am willing to buy it and watch it again and again:)

Wreck-It-Ralph- $24.95 PRE-ORDER Blu-Ray/Dvd Combo Pack - If order before March 4, get a $10 off your NEXT Disney Store purchase (or $20 off your NEXT $40 or more purchase)

1) Go to Ebates - search for "Disney Store" - after purchase you will get 3% cashback!   (If this is your first ebates purchase and your order is at least $25 - you get a $10 gift card from ebates too!)
2) Come back here to  get Wreck it Ralph for $24.95

(technically this can make the DVD set only $4.20 - since you get $20 off your next purchase) 

FYI: Shipping is $4.95
UNLESS you Enter code FREESHIP when you purchase ANY swimwear or towels, and cover-ups and then your entire order ships free!

I added a pair of sunglasses for $4.50 - which is cheaper than the shipping and I got an extra item:) TWO EASTER BASKET items DONE:)


Wreck-It Ralph (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) - $27.86 (includes free shipping) thru Amazon
If you purchase another select Disney title, you can get $8 off

Wreck-It Ralph DVD - $19.96 (no blu-ray)


1) Go to Ebates - search for "Best Buy" - after purchase you will get 1.5% cashback!
2) Pre-Order through Best Buy for $29.99
Wreck It Ralph - Collector's AC3 Dolby Dts - Blu-ray Disc

*Best Buy also has the Regular DVD for $19.99 -
Wreck It Ralph - AC3 Dolby - DVD

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