Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Winn Dixie Purchases - Feb 17

Winn Dixie purchases - week of Feb 13-19

Remember, the key is to BUY ON SALE!!! and add coupons to that sale price when you can!
**ALL MY COUPONS WERE PRINTED ONLINE - no need to get the paper, just print them before you go!***

Original cost: $231.46
Less Coupons $16.60
Less Sales (W dixie card) $80.73

BONUS: Fuelperks (30 cent  = $6 off next fillup)
BONUS: Savings star - $7.50 to be deposited in my paypal account
BONUS: 10 % cashback Endorse - 64 cents (FYI - I should have separated this transaction by itself b/c endorse will probably reduce for coupons used on the receipt)

GRAND TOTAL: $119.99 (48% savings!)  and I have a ton of food!

FYI: Time invested - 1 hour 15 minutes - that is worth $111 to me!!!
15 minutes printing coupons at home - 1 hour in the store (with no kids!) and I look at my winn dixie deal list on my phone in the store!

So my awesome purchases were:
  • (8) bag of Ore-Ida potatoes (I intended to buy 6 but the cost was cheaper than expected and I needed $20 to get my $5 cashback from Savings Star) -regular price - $3.29 each (on sale buy one get one free, 2 ($1) coupons, AND $5 back from savings star) - should have been $26.32 - I PAID $6.16 for ALL EIGHT BAGS (77 cents each!)
  • (4) boxes of cereal - buy one get one free - I had 50 cent coupons PLUS I was able to "double" these coupons getting another $1 off thru Savings Star!I also had a $1.50 off 3 cereals coupon that printed from the machine at W dixie - so (4) boxes of cereal for $5.58 ($1.39 each!)
  • Totino's Pizzas - on sale PLUS I had coupon for $1.10 off 5 ...and was able to "double" using $1 off 4 from Savings Star - so $1.08 each
  • Hormel Entrees - $6.99 - GET A FREE Hormel Side dish (value $3.99) - I had a $1 coupon of EACH of them (even though one is technically free you can use a coupon on it!)- so I got BOTH for $5 (I chose a desert side dish - cinnamon apples)- and I bought this deal THREE TIMES!  We ate it today and it is REALLY GOOD!!! 
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and Biscuits - on sale for $1 each - used coupons and "doubled" coupon using Saving Star!!! so on...Here is my link to this week's deals and all the coupons needed!

And here are the other EIGHT WAYS to MAX your savings - and double - triple- and maybe even quadruple coupons:)

Remember - buy on sale and use coupons!

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