Thursday, February 25, 2016

At the Movies ~ GODS OF EGYPT Movie Review by Tiff's Deals

In Theaters on February 26, Tiff's Deals was able to see an early screening of GODS OF EGYPT before released to the public.  All opinions are 100% my own - No secrets or endings will be revealed by reading this movie review.

GODS OF EGYPT is set in a modern version of an Egyptian setting.  The movie has amazing special effects and seeing this movie in 3D makes you feel like you are in that Egyptian pyramid as it is collapsing around you!

Gods are in charge of the mortals and make decisions for them, good or bad.  It was interesting to see a sweeter side to the gods knowing that they carry the burden of life experiences and consequences for all.  The god of the sun, Ra, is old and tired but must fight off the serpent demon night after night to save the land and the mortal people.

The goddess of Love can control anyone and command them to do as she says in the name of love.  However, there are instances in which even the goddess of Love can be weak and learns that she too cannot control everything with her power of love.

In GODS OF EGYPT, Mortal joins forces with the gods to save the Egyptian world from a god who has the evilest of intentions for all of them.  Everyone searches for the answers to life and spends their journey through life attempting to gain the utmost of success in the Afterlife.  With a lovestory or two along the way, love conquers all - love for parents, love for friends, and also for the love of your life.

KID-FRIENDLY? Movie is rated PG-13.  I appreciated that although many battles scenes happened and mortals/gods were killed, there is no blood and gore.  In fact, gods bleed gold, which makes it less violent than many battle movies.  There is love and kissing and the innuendo that a sexual act may have happened, but none is really shown.  I cannot recall much if any curse words being used in the film.  There are battle scenes and the movie is very intense, but I think this movie is age appropriate for 13 and up.

  RATING: I give GODS OF EGYPT an "A" and would see it again.


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