Monday, February 15, 2016

FREEBIE! Morton Salt - many stores included (thru 2/17)

Freebie Mortons Salt Coupon

Get 100% CASH back when you buy any ONE (1) 26 oz. container of Morton® Plain or Iodized Table Salt.
Expires 2/17/16 - you must purchase this item by 2/17 and SCAN your reward card - or upload a photo of your receipt!

There are LOTS of other CASHBACK grocery items on Savings Star- many you purchase every week so might as well get cash for them!

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls CouponOld El Paso Coupon

Simply make sure your reward cards are registered thru Savings Star (it's free to use!)
There is a long list of national stores that participate, but locally (New Orleans) it is  - RITE AID - CVS - WINN DIXIE - Kmart  (you MUST purchase from one of these stores!)

You can also SCAN YOUR RECEIPT from any of these stores using the Savings Star app to upload your receipt:
Dollar General
Family Dollar


1) Register your reward cards (it's free!) - 
 2) click "I want this" on this offer - (if you don't click I want this, you can't redeem offer)
3) scan your rward card at purchase -or upload your receipt in the app!
Then after your purchase, Saving Star does all the work for you - behind the scenes!

Once you have $5 in your Savings Star account you can cashout (paypal,, bank transfer, etc)

Want to learn more ways to save at the GROCERY?  
Check out all my Tips HERE!

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