Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Winn Dixie King Cake

So in my quest to try out King Cakes this Mardi Gras season, I was given the opportunity to try a King Cake from Winn Dixie!  And I am doing a GIVEAWAY for one too (see giveaway below)

I happened to be at Winn Dixie on a day when a random Mardi Gras parade was strolling in the store! Only in New Orleans can you "make groceries" with a live marching band and kids pushing decorated grocery cart floats throwing beads in the store!

After the parade, I headed to the king cakes to pick one to try out.  When browsing for the perfect king cake, the first thing I had to decide was which flavor to choose.  There were soooo many options to choose from:

Cinnamon (regular) - Cream Cheese - Strawberry - Lemon - Apple - Praline Pecan - Raspberry - Pineapple - Chocolate - Bavarian - Cherry

AND THEN they take those flavors and combine some of them! Although I am sure the combined flavors available vary by store - they seem to always have cream cheese combined with something amazing!

If you know me, I will talk to anyone! So I struck up a conversation with another lady looking at the king cakes too.  I asked her how many different flavors she thought they had...She started looking at the packages with me and said "There is cream cheese, apple, cinnamon...Look at this! They took lemon and cream cheese - and made lemon cream cheese!" And off she went with a lemon cream cheese king cake in her hand.  It's the little things in life that matter people! Lemon and cream cheese combined was all it took!

So after a long and hard thought process, I chose a regular cinnamon flavored king cake AND a cream cheese king cake!

Let's talk about the Cinnamon flavored king cake

It has a great taste - not over or under cinnamon-y and the sprinkles and icing were just enough.  When I cut a slice, the inside had an "air hole" which I wish had just a bit more king cake dough in it.  Easily fixed by smooshing a bit - and trust me, smooshing does not affect the taste!

I have to say for a grocery store king cake, this one was really good and my kids LOVED IT!

The price for a regular size king cake was $7.99 - great price!

Let's talk about the Cream Cheese flavored king cake
I was so surprised by how unbelievably amazing the cream cheese and ooey-gooey icing seemed to melt perfectly together! They didn't skimp on the cream cheese either - it was all over the king cake and lots of it! I really couldn't get enough and thoroughly enjoyed eating a slice (or two) for breakfast as well (don't judge me!)

The price for a large king cake was $11.99 which I think was extremely reasonable for the size of the king cake - and it was "stuffed" so that made the price look even better to me!

Some other Mardi Gras items I found in the store:
Really cute Mardi Gras Masks (some with feathers) - only 74 cents!
And plastic Mardi Gras Hurricane cups - only 99 cents!
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     GIVEAWAY ALERT! Winner will be provided (1) complimentary king cake from Winn Dixie - flavor of your choice!  King cake must be picked up from a New Orleans area Winn Dixie before Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

    Giveaways ends Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at midnight
    NOTE: All opinions listed above are my own. Winn Dixie provided king cakes for review and giveaway purposes.
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  1. I think I have tried about 6 king cakes from different places this season.

  2. I would say I tried 8 but haven't tried Winn Dixie. Would love to try!! Beth Froelich Davis

  3. I love King Cake so much, my waistline is showing it.

  4. winn dixie is the best because of the furl perks

  5. I shop there for the sales. ~ Nicole Villarrubia

  6. I'm not a current Winn Dixie shopper. More of a Rouses girl.

  7. Yep, I shop at Winn Dixie.
    Melanie K

  8. Yes I am, Love the fuel perks!
    Nola D