Thursday, February 20, 2014

Milk - Bread - Bananas = CASHBACK on your grocery purchases!

This is one of those times where the STARS AND PLANETS ALIGN!

Two cashback sites have the SAME Offer - so you can double dip!

Buy a gallon of milk (any brand) and take a pic of your receipt

send to Ibotta - get 50 cents CASHBACK (if this is your 1st time using get a $2 bonus!)
send to Checkout 51 - get 50 cents CASHBACK

Total cashback $1 (or $3 if new to Ibotta) - so you can almost get a gallon of milk for FREE!


 Ibotta also has an offer this week for 50 cents CASHBACK on ANY brand of bread!

Both Ibotta and Checkout 51 are FREE to use - and they give you CASHBACK! Ibotta has select stores to work with - so make sure you purchase from one on their grocery list:)  Checkout 51 does NOT require a smartphone!

 BANANAS - send your $1 or more receipt to Checkout 51 and get 50 cents cashback

Plus if your reward card at Winn Dixie is registered with Savings Star - you get 20% cashback on your banana purchase (exp 2/24)

Simply make sure your reward cards are registered thru Savings Star (it's free to use!)
There is a long list of national stores that participate, but locally it is WALGREENS - RITE AID - CVS - WINN DIXIE (you MUST purchase from one of these stores!)
1) Register your reward cards (it's free!) - 
 2) click "I want this" on this offer -
3) scan your reward card at purchase -
Then after your purchase, Saving Star does all the work for you - behind the scenes!


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