Sunday, February 9, 2014

King Cake Cheesecake Review and GIVEAWAY: Copelands of New Orleans (4 WINNERS!)

Living in New Orleans, we all know how wonderful the menu is at Copelands of New Orleans and Cheesecake Bistro...

Speaking of Cheesecake, Copelands (and Cheesecake Bistro) has taken King cake a step further than anyone else has! They took their melt in your mouth cheesecake and added king cake together to make:


At $7.95 a slice that does seem a bit pricey...until you have tried it...then you will understand it is worth every penny and more!  It is VERY rich - I could only eat a few bites in one it is great to be shared with someone too!

I actually shared my piece with 2 friends over HAPPY HOUR drinks at Copelands! We all grabbed a spoon and took a bite at the same time so I could see our reactions simultaneously...

You can't see our faces, but we sounded something like this:

Oh My God...
That is Heaven!


I love the combination of cheesecake - king cake - cinnamon - a bit of an almond taste - and of course, every bite must be dipped in the whipped cream!
So now do you want one too? Copeland's gave me FOUR GIFT CARDS to giveaway so you can get your own KING CAKE CHEESECAKE slice!  See below to enter!


Copelands of New Orleans and Cheesecake Bistro have quite a few DEALS to help you save some money while dining out too:

Happy Hour is from 4-7 pm on weekday and 9 pm til all week long (in the lounge area only) and includes select HALF PRICE appetizers and cocktail and $5 martini drinks!

Their lunch menu is also a GREAT deal - for $10.95 including a salad, lunch sized entrĂ©e, and a dessert brownie!  Available everyday until 4 pm!

They have recently released a new LAGNIAPPE program - simply purchase a Lagniappe card in store for $10.00 - register it online here  and then get a $15 credit toward your next food purchase!  Earn points for future freebies - a FREE entree on your birthday AND a FREE dessert on your membership anniversary!  It is well worth the $10 investment!

If you like these deals, make sure to like TIFFS DEALS on facebook for more great deals! 
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Copelands of New Orleans has given me FOUR (4) Gift cards valued at $9 each to get a FREE slice of KING CAKE CHEESECAKE!  Winners will be chosen at random and I can mail you the gift card to be used at any Copelands or Cheesecake Bistro location in the New Orleans area.  King cake cheesecake is available until March 4, 2014.

Giveaways ends Sunday, February 16, 2014 at midnight

NOTE: All opinions listed above are my own. Gift cards were donated by Copelands of New Orleans for review and giveaway purposes.


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  1. I want to win SOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!! :-)

  2. Spinach and artichoke dip!
    -Michelle McClain

    1. I love Copeland's Catfish Acadiana!

  3. Love Copeland's cheesecake! Bananas Fosters is my fav :)
    Leigh Ann Withrow

  4. I love Copeland's Catfish Acadiana! Libby Bonamour

  5. Sounds wonderful!!!
    Lise Stephenson

  6. I like their cheesecakes, try to get different ones to try.

  7. Crawfish ravioli is amazing!-- Michelle Roberie

  8. Of course, their cheesecakes are amazing. Shrimp Ducky is my staple, though. I have ordered it for years.

    Melanie K

  9. Crabcakes and Shrimp Alfredo is my current favorite!

  10. I love the penthouse salad at Copelands!!!

  11. Love their cheescake and Catfish Acadiana.

  12. I love their chicken avocado club sandwich!!! Yum!!

  13. Love Copeland's and Tiffany!!!

  14. Love the banana foster cheesecake! ! Beth Froelich Davis