Saturday, February 15, 2014

Got Milk? How about CASHBACK for it! (thru 2/18)

This is one of those times where the STARS AND PLANETS ALIGN!

Two cashback sites have the SAME Offer - so you can double dip!

Buy a gallon of milk (any brand) and take a pic of your receipt

send to Ibotta - get 50 cents CASHBACK (if this is your 1st time using get a $2 bonus!)
send to Checkout 51 - get 50 cents CASHBACK

Total cashback $1 (or $3 if new to Ibotta) - so you can almost get a gallon of milk for FREE!

Checkout 51 also has an offer this week for 50 cents CASHBACK on ANY brand of bread!

Both Ibotta and Checkout 51 are FREE to use - and they give you CASHBACK! Ibotta has select stores to work with - so make sure you purchase from one of their grocery list:)

What to do with that MILK?

ALSO Winn Dixie has cereal on SALE for $1.98 EACH! If you use Cereal Coupons you can reduce the price even more!

Cereals included: Kellogg’s Cereals, General Mills Cereals, or Malt-O-Meal Cereals
I haven't gone in store yet to see what's included, so I will update once I find cereal coupons to match!

Checkout 51 has a few Kellogg's Cereal offers this week too - Buy 2 get $1 cashback - if included, you would only pay $1.48 per BOX Of cereal!!! Add some coupons and the price drops even lower!

BONUS: If you buy (6) boxes at Winn dixie, you also get a FREE gallon of Orange Juice!


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