Monday, January 6, 2014

Target - 90% off Christmas items!

Target has Christmas items marked down to 90% off!

I went to Target on Vets/Clearview (1/6) and found these items still available - upstairs behind baby section basically:

  • Christmas Cards - I didn't send any out this year, but I used them for "gift tags" instead:)

  • LOTS Of ornaments (30 cents and 50 cents a box) - more not shown in picture (on top shelf) and tree toppers ($1.50 - reg price $15)

  • Stockings - 40 cents (reg price $4)- some were $1.30 (reg price $13) - consider buying to "wrap" presents next year instead of paper or a bag!

  • I didn't look at the price on the snow blanket stuff - but you can see they have lots

  • Wrapping paper too!

  • The nutcrackers in pic were cute - but had a broken arm:(

red tinsel
  • Red "tinsel" like stuff you put in gifts (like my description? haha) - it is 10 cents each (reg price $1)- they had TONS Of it -  It doesn't have to be used for Christmas - it is just red (simply remove the green tree confetti)
    cat toys
  • Cat toys - 99 cents a box (reg price $9.99)

Other items:

Food related items (cookies/cocoa, etc) - 70% off
TOYS - lots of toys marked 30% off...some were marked 50% off - Monsters Inc items I believe.

See my tips for how to buy gifts NOW for Christmas 2014 - written for Jefferson Parish Parent!


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