Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GIVEAWAY - Set of Jamberry Nail Design Art

Have you ever heard of Jamberry? Me neither! But its really cool art for your nails - and much cheaper than a nail salon! When I had the chance to review these products, I couldn't wait to try them out!

It's quite simple - you pick a size near your nail size and stick it on your nail...trim the excess...and blow dry it (this allows the adhesive to stick).  And stick it does!  I did a test with mine - I put a Jamberry nail on my pinky and painted my other nails on Sunday - see picture below:


Then I took another picture the NEXT Sunday - and you can clearly see my nail polish has chipped off a lot - but the Jamberry nail is STILL on there - the same as it was a week ago!

Here are some other benefits I noticed:
  • Immediately after putting them on, my nails were dry! So no more waiting hours to make sure my nails are dry - or going to bed only to wake up with sheet lines in them - they were perfect and stayed that way! Same goes for your toes - you can instantly put your socks and shoes back on!
  • You can mix and match - simply pick a few designs (patterns and solid colors are available) OR paint some of you nails with polish to change it up a bit - be creative!
  • Here are the instructions To remove them, but mine came off easily with a swipe of nail polish remover and once I got it up a little, I pulled and it came off easily (even after wearing for a week!) - no nail damage - and then you can apply a new set!
When you purchase online - they are regular price $15.00 per sheet.  Keep in mind, one sheet can be used for multiple applications - there are enough strips on a sheet to do at least (3) applications to each nail PLUS a few extras to mix and match!

There is also an option to DESIGN YOUR OWN nails - so if you want photos of your kids (or your animals) or your favorite beach photo, or whatever else on your nails - this is for you:)

1 "strip" can be used for 2 nails (1 on each hand) PLUS you can use the middle for your toes!  See all the design options here - solids, stripes, patterns, sports, and more!

If you Buy 3 sheets, you get 1 FREE = $45 total ($11.25 each)
The adult size sheet has (18) strips = 36 nails and toes to apply = 3 applications and a few extras for mix and match and all the middles:)

I picked out a KIDS size sheet - since the strips are smaller it includes (42) strips = 84 nails and toes to apply = 8 applications!

I grabbed some Green with Polka Dots and Metallic Gold ones to
wear for MARDI GRAS!

And they have licensed LSU designs too - I also found a Black and Gold Stripe design for SAINTS fans!

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Red Runner Nails is an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails - you can have a nail party with a few friends and get yours FREE - or you can sign up to be a consultant for $99 and your kit includes $60 in FREE nail sheets PLUS lots of other fun stuff!

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Red Runner Nails is giving away (1) SET of Nail Design Wraps - valued at $15! Winners will be chosen at random and Red Runner will mail the design of your choice to you (any design up to $15)!

Giveaways ends Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at midnight

NOTE: All opinions listed above are my own. Nail art was donated by Red Runner Nails, an independent Jamberry Consultant, for review and giveaway purposes.


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  1. I would love Mardi Gras colors or LSU/Saints colors!! So cute!!

  2. Rhiannon GautreauxFebruary 4, 2014 at 8:56 AM

    Love the LSU design

  3. I love the simple yet elegant look of the french black tips, the short style. Just discovered Jamberry & look forward to trying them! :)