Monday, May 6, 2013

Office Max FREEBIES - Week of May 5

Office Max is offering 100% CASHBACK on SUPPLY ITEMS -  ONLINE only!!!

Shipping is FREE with $50 purchase so that can easily done with a combo of these freebie options!!! All Bonus Reward offers are available 5/5/13 thru 5/11/13

REMINDER:GET Additional 3% CASHBACK by going thru EBATES first - and then this is a MONEYMAKER!!!

Make sure you are SIGNED up for Max Perks FIRST! (It's FREE!)

How it Works: NEXT MONTH you will get an Office Max gift card in that cashback amount for any future purchases (online or in store) - don't need office supplies then? they have toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, video games, etc too!

What to Do?

1) Once on Office Max website, sign in (or create an account) and make sure you register for MAXPERKS (it's FREE too!)  YOU WILL NOT GET THESE ITEMS FREE IF YOU DON'T!

2)  Click HERE to find the 100% cashback items - and add the ones you want to your cart! DO NOT CHECKOUT YET!!!

3) Click or Sign up for EBATES - this is a FREE service and you get CASHBACK (plus a $10 gift card if this is your first purchase!) - search "Office Max" - then look in your cart (your items should already be there!)

4) PURCHASE!   (If you are using Maxperks Reward $ already earned, you can enter it as payment!)

Here are the items that you can pick and choose from this week!

NOTE: LIMIT 2 of each item  - so you can get a TOTAL of (12) free items! which also qualifies for FREE shipping!

You do NOT have to get (2) of each item, nor do you have to buy all of them - you can only get 100% cashback limit of 2 of each item!

  • Item Total:$67.68 with FREE Shipping!  
  • I will get 3% cashback from Ebates ($2.03) AND $67.68 Next month in Office Max gift cards (this will be received around JUNE 19-20th)
  • TOTAL OUT OF POCKET: $3.89 (a portion of the taxes only!) 

  • (I used my MAXPERKS Rewards received from prior orders so I didn't pay anything - just "rolled over" old ones to get more FREE stuff!)


  1. Thanks, Tiff! I got my free stuff using old rewards!

  2. YEAH! That's the way to do - use the old and "recycle" them with new - and never spend any money:)