Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rachel Ray Cookware Set ~ reg price $249 - SALE under $50!

I purchased this Rachel Ray Cookware set last year and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

It washes well, cooks well, and is a GREAT DEAL TOO!

Regular price $249- SALE PRICE $109
1) Enter promo code NOVSAVE15 to get 15% off ($16.50)
(Hint: If your order is a little short of another Kohls cash - I added  $2.99 bath towels to get back to the $100 to receive more Kohl's Cash)

3) Receive $30 in Kohl's Cash for future purchase
4) Redeem $20 rebate - SEE REBATE INFO HERE - Note, you must include original UPC code from packaging to redeem so make sure you don't forget!)

Final price: $42.50 (for $249 in pots and pans!)


Fine print:

Purchase a qualifying Rachael Ray® cookware set from KOHL’S or online at KOHLS.COM and qualify for a $20 rebate. Qualifying product must be purchased between 11/20/2016 – 11/25/2016. Rebate must be postmarked by 12/25/2016.
BONUS! Ebates members - you can also earn an extra 8% cashback too - simply sign up HERE and search "Kohls" then shop now!

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