Friday, November 4, 2016

FREE Thankful Tee with ANY $25 purchase (thru 11/6)

It's finally November! And that means the year is almost over and it is the perfect time to reflect on the things that mean the most to us - the things that we are GRATEFUL for!

Cents of Style is offering you the cutest Tshirt this weekend (thru 11/6) FREE with any $25 purchase on the site! I LOVE mine - I ordered the WINE color (also available in WHITE) 

So I thought I would list out a few things I am GRATEFUL for:

1) MY KIDS. Without them, my life wouldn't be nearly as much FUN or EXHAUSTING - but I wouldn't have it any other way! Sometimes I get frustrated and everyday seems like Groundhogs Day...but I truly am BLESSED to have them

2) EDUCATION. The pic above is 2 of my 3 children.  My oldest is currently in college on an academic scholarship.  Without that funding, she would not be able to receive the education that she needs to succeed in this world.  Regardless of what she decides to do in her life, she will receive the tools she needs to survive independently for her adult life.  She is BLESSED.  I am GRATEFUL.  

3) COFFEE.  Let's be honest, this is something I am very THANKFUL for.  Without it, my day drags on and I appreciate that pick me up, energizing feeling that I get with the first sip!

4) WINE. I mean I did say I picked the Wine colored I am GRATEFUL for the color - and the bottle! Sometimes I just need to chill with my girlfriends and a good glass of wine!

5. LIFE. I am here.  I am living.  That is enough in itself to be THANKFUL for, not only mine, but the lives of all those that surround me.  Everyone is placed in our lives for a reason, and we need to remember to be GRATEFUL for the moments that we can spend with them.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL/THANKFUL for? As a reminder, and just in time for THANKSGIVING, grab this FREE shirt with purchase and let the world know how BLESSED you are too!

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Here are steps for purchase:
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Most importantly, live your life through the moments that make you GRATEFUL...THANKFUL...and BLESSED!

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