Sunday, September 11, 2016

FREE Dozen Donuts on 9/19 at Krispy Kreme - AHOY MATEY!

FREE DOZEN DONUTS at Krispy Kreme 
on September 19 only!

Ahoy There Mateys! Friday, September 19, anyone to enter a participating Krispy Kreme and talk like a pirate gets one FREE Original Glazed® doughnut. 

Those who dare to wear full pirate attire -  receive one FREE dozen Original Glazed doughnuts. 

Offer good on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th, only.

To claim yer bounty on September 19, ye must:

• Come in to a participating Krispy Kreme shop and Talk like a pirate for one FREE Original Glazed doughnut.

• Come in to a participating Krispy Kreme location in full pirate costume for one FREE dozen Original Glazed doughnuts. 

  • For the first time this year, guests can also use a custom Krispy Kreme Snapchat pirate filter to digitally ‘dress’ like a pirate. Any guest who shows their Snapchat image at a participating shop will qualify for a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts. Show your snap to a team member inside the shop and score ye bounty. Arrrr...

My Pirate KREWE a few years ago - 6 pirates= 6 DOZEN DONUTS!

Qualifying pirate costumes must include three or more of the following items: 

Eye Patch
• Pirate Hat
• Bandana
• Peg Leg
• Parrot on Shoulder
• Pirate Shirt / Loose white shirt
• Knickers
• Leather Belt
• Silver and gold necklaces and earrings
• Pirate Hook
• Pointy black boots or ragged brown sandals

Offer good for one free doughnut per customer who talks like a pirate to a Krispy Kreme team member at a participating shop. One free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts per customer who wears a full pirate costume/shows Snapchat filter digital pic into a participating Krispy Kreme location. 

Redeemable on September 19, 2016 only at participating Krispy Kreme US locations.

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Dollar General - $1 for 4 eye patches or pirate bandanas for $1 each - remember you need THREE items to be eligible so here are 2 of them - for really cheap! (and just in time because Halloween costumes are in store!)

A plastic hanger (the metal hook) and some construction paper on the cuff = HOOK!

Red and white striped shirt
White Tshirt with holes at bottom and sleeves

Big Gold Hoop Earring

Be Creative - it doesn't have to cost much money to look like a pirate and in return you get a FREE Dozen Donuts!


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This post may contain affiliate links



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