Sunday, July 17, 2016

State Necklaces - $11.99 and FREE shipping! (thru 7/17)

I am excited to post about this great deal - and to tell you a little bit about my love for LOUISIANA!

Born and raised right outside of New Orleans, I am a Louisiana native.  I grew up here, my kids are growing up here - and we have had our share of struggles.  As I write this post, I just heard the news that 3 more police officers were killed (and many more injured) in Baton Rouge this morning, which is about an hour from my hometown.  Another senseless tragedy that we cannot begin to understand WHY, but we will rise above this and become a better state and community because of it.

Louisiana State Pendant Necklace, , Jewelry -- Cents Of Style - 1
My whole life we have had to pack up all our precious and most valuable belongings and head out on the road to a hotel somewhere every time a HURRICANE enters the Gulf of Mexico.  No one ever knows exactly where the Eye of the Storm will strike and 9 times out of 10 we get lucky and New Orleans is missed.  However, we weren't so lucky for HURRICANE KATRINA.  Virtually our entire city was under water, many lives were lost, people were stuck on their roof begging for help, no food, no water...almost like being in a third world country.  And yet here we are almost 11 years later and WE HAVE COME ALONG WAY!  Our community has rallied together (with the help of so many from other areas too) and has rebuilt New Orleans to near what it once was.  Many areas STILL need to be rebuilt - many are BETTER than they were before.  And most importantly, our community has become better friends, better neighbors because of it. 

We come together through our LOVE of food and music and of course MARDI GRAS - we can party like no other town here in New Orleans, but we can also be there for our neighbors and total strangers in times of need.

And as we deal with yet another tragedy that we were awoken to this Sunday morning, we as a community will prevail.  We are deeply saddened by the loss of life, but we will learn from it, educate ourselves better in the future because of it, and find hope in this tragedy...because that is WHAT WE DO.  We are Louisianians - and we are survivors. 

I am proud today to wear my newest necklace from Cents of Style - and the STATE NECKLACES are on SALE through July 17 for only $11.99 with FREE shipping with ALL orders!

There are plenty OTHER states included in this great offer too - so WEAR YOUR STATE PROUDLY TOO!

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