Monday, July 11, 2016

Starbucks Rewards= FREE Coffee just for registering and more FREEBIES!

Make sure you are signed up for Starbucks Rewards - you can even register online! It is free, but you have to carry a balance and pay for your purchases with the card!  I literally hand them the card, and the exact amount owed and "pay with the card" so I can get my freebies from it!

Here’s how My Starbucks Rewards works: earn Stars by paying with a registered Starbucks Card, the Starbucks mobile app or by entering Star codes from specially marked Starbucks products in the grocery store.  We’ll treat you to your favorites on the house: free drinks, free food, free refills and more

For new and current Green members:
  • You’ll receive Gold Status for one year.
  • Collect 125 Stars to earn your first Star Reward = FREE Coffee!
  • FREE In Store REFILLS (hot brewed coffee and tea)
  • Bonus Reward days are always popping up!
  • Two sandwiches = 60 stars (HALF way to a FREE drink reward!)
    FOUR Stars per $1 spent DOUBLE DAYS!

Three easy ways to join:

Register any Starbucks Card HERE including a Teavana® Card (it's FREE!)

BONUS: just for registering your Starbucks Reward card - you get a FREE beverage (this is when I go for the VENTI with 4 extra shots!!!)

Every $1 spent, you get TWO stars! Stars add up to ANOTHER FREE DRINKThey have special items/days to get extra stars so it's really easy to get there! PLUS you get a FREE Drink or Food item on your BIRTHDAY! 

Once you are registered you can also get the Starbucks app - and they scan your phone at the register so you don't even need the physical card!

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