Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Fun We Had at the Circus in NOLA {Tiff's Deals Recap}


You read that right, the Circus brought Camels to the show too!  The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus came to New Orleans and they brought LOTS of entertainment with them!

My family was able to attend the opening night show in NOLA and here are a few of our favorite things:

  • Animal Open House - 1.5 hours before the show, we were able to see the animals up close (but still at a safe distance!) The tigers are HUGE! We even chatted with a Circus employee who told us about a donkey that is there who is retired from the show, but has become a family pet and still travels the world with them! It was super hot outside, but this was a great 5-10 minute walk through
  • All Access PRE-SHOW on the floor - Starts 1 hour before the circus and EVERYONE can walk onto the show floor and get UP CLOSE and have some fun in the Rings of the Circus! The best part: everything is FREE to do - even the bounce houses!

The Circus Performers, Clowns, and even some animals show quick glimpses of what you will see during the show! I love that they got the kids involved in their acts and even ended it with a Dance Party! You can get really cute pictures with the clowns - and even get FREE clown noses for everyone!

It ended about 20 minutes before showtime, so get there early! 


One of the best things about the Circus is there is SO MUCH TO SEE! Your eyes are constantly moving - they are acrobatics in the air, horses galloping around, dance moves, and of course the CLOWNS are always doing something silly to make you laugh too!

The Circus moves around the THREE rings so no matter where you are seated, you will always have a great view and sometimes a front row seat for the action!

This year the Circus theme is XTREME and they brought EXTREME to New Orleans! With scenes in China, the Jungle, Mt Everest, and even Under the Sea, they AMAZED the crowd along the way! One of the songs said something like "You haven't seen anything like this before" and yep, they are so right!

The Trapeze Artists are really AMAZING! The gasps through the crowd as they walk this TINY little rope HIGH in the air - and then JUMP over each other - not just one person, but jump over THREE people! 

Of course, the Circus wouldn't be complete without the Circus Animals and the Camels, Poodles, and Tigers did not disappoint! It's amazing how this guy yelling something that sounds like "AZUCA" gets these massive tigers to listen to him! They can jump, line up and even hop around on two feet!  

The HUMAN CANNONBALL trick is always INTENSE and I was glad to hear that the girl who dares to be thrown across the room from a Cannon is a New Orleans native too! 

I asked my kids after the Circus was over what was their favorite part - they pretty much named every Circus act that we saw! That just about sums up our thoughts on the Circus: SO MUCH TO SEE, SO MUCH TO DO, SO MUCH TO LOVE!  If you want to see more pictures and videos that I took to get a peek at ALL the fun things we loved, check it out HERE

Make sure you don't miss the chance to see the Ringling Bros. Circus while it is in New Orleans with shows through Sunday - tickets are still available online HERE

UPDATE! New discount offered for First Responders and Military Families with ID - $7 off EACH ticket purchased at the box office!


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