Thursday, January 21, 2016

Giveaway~ Winn Dixie Mardi Gras King Cake (any flavor!) and Curtis Stone Cookbook

ATTENTION Winn Dixie Shoppers! Clean up on Aisle 2!  
Purple - Gold - and Green Sprinkles are EVERYWHERE! 

Local New Orleans Winn Dixie stores are baking KING CAKES for the Mardi Gras Season and the TASTE is great!

So in my quest to try out King Cakes this Mardi Gras season, I was given the opportunity to try a King Cake from Winn Dixie!  And I am doing a KING CAKE GIVEAWAY for one too (scroll down to enter below)

When browsing for the perfect king cake, the first thing I had to decide was which flavor to choose.  There were soooo many options to choose from:

Cinnamon (regular) - Cream Cheese - Strawberry - Apple - Praline Pecan 

AND THEN they take those flavors and combine some of them - like STRAWBERRY CREAM CHEESE and APPLE CREAM CHEESE! Although I am sure the combined flavors available vary by store - they seem to always have cream cheese combined with something amazing!

So after a long and hard thought process, I chose a Strawberry Flavored king cake AND a Pecan Praline king cake!

Pecan Praline flavored king cake

Ok...think king cake - now think MELTED PRALINES added to the top with some pecan sprinkles - and if that wasn't enough add a ooey-gooey layer of praline in the INSIDE! This is definitely my new favorite!

Side note, if you heat if up in the microwave for a few seconds, you get hot praline sauce drizzled down your king cake...need I say more?  

The small Pecan Praline king cake is priced at $8.00 - and worth every penny BITE in this case!

Strawberry filled King cake

I had a meeting to go to so I thought I would bring this one along to share - and let's be real...when you walk in a room with a king cake, EVERYONE is your best friend!  So I   err...I mean the KING CAKE was a big hit! The filling is a strawberry jelly but that's ok, because it still tastes just a good!

The Regular size filled king cakes are priced at $10 (the small size is $8.00)


Since I have also tried many of the other flavors at Winn Dixie (don't judge me!) - I figured I would throw out a few other unbiased reviews:

Cinnamon flavored king cake

I love filled/flavored king cakes, but my kids do not - so the cinnamon flavored "traditional" is perfect for them! It never fails, I purchase a king cake and the next day the entire box is empty - just a few sprinkles at the bottom so clearly they have enjoyed it!

This is the Regular size!
The price for a small size Unfilled king cake is $6.99 - great price! When I was there as part of the "Down and Staying Down" price drop at Winn Dixie the price for a small King Cake was reduced to $5.00 each!

The price for a regular size unfilled king cake is $9.99 which I think was extremely reasonable for the size of the king cake - "Down and Staying Down" price was only $8.00 each!

Cream Cheese flavored king cake

I was so surprised by how unbelievably amazing the cream cheese and ooey-gooey icing seemed to melt perfectly together! They didn't skimp on the cream cheese either - it was all over the king cake and lots of it!

Oh and the APPLE CREAM CHEESE is just perfect to eat for Breakfast! You Apple Day...just doing my part! (Sorry I ate it all before I took pictures!)


So for those who shop at Winn Dixie - you have seen this familiar face lately! Curtis Stone has partnered with Winn Dixie to bring you ways to cook for an ENTIRE FAMILY for under $10 per meal! Grab a receipe card from the display and check out the "deals" to give your family home-cooked meals for a low price! More info on this partnership here

The winner of the Winn Dixie king cake giveaway will ALSO receive an autographed Curtis Stone cookbook to give you some extra ideas in the kitchen!

The Cookbook is valued at $35.00 - and the autograph makes it PRICELESS!

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    Winner will be provided (1) complimentary king cake from Winn Dixie - flavor of your choice!  King cake must be picked up from a New Orleans area Winn Dixie before Tuesday, February 9, 2016  - pick up must be coordinated in advance with Store Manager.  Cookbook must be picked up directly from Tiff's Deals in the Elmwood/Harahan area, unless other arrangements are made.
    Giveaways ends  at midnight on Friday, January 29, 2016.
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NOTE: All opinions listed above are my own. King cakes were provided by Winn Dixie for review and giveaway purposes.

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