Thursday, December 6, 2012

Redbox Codes - Free Movies ALL the Time!

Did you know I have NEVER paid for a Redbox movie and rent them all the time! Here is how:

Text DVD or SIGNUP to 727272 - get a promo code good for a free rental every month! Code only valid that day so make sure you go get one right away!

Text “JUMP” to 727272, then you’ll receive a code for a free GAME rental immediately(ONLY for games) - and then get monthly FREE game rentals...(Let me know if one of these codes doesn't work so I can remove it!)

Other codes to enter at checkout at kiosk:
DVDATWAG or BREAKDOWN (Walgreens only)
ALLYOU(NEW CODE - $1 off 2 rentals)

DVDATWAL (Walmart or Walgreens)

Please note, not all codes work everywhere, and each code can be only used ONCE PER CREDIT CARD (if you have more than one card, use all codes again!) You pick a movie - enter promo code - you still have to swipe credit card in case you have late fees!

If you have more than one code - pick a movie - enter code - checkout - and then DO IT AGAIN (separate transaction) - I have walked away with 3-4 movies at once - all FREE!

More info HERE from Redbox

NOTE: You must return the rental by 9 PM the next night  or they will charge your card for an additional night - AND you can return them to ANY redbox location (doesn't have to be the one you picked it up from!) Rental Questions available HERE

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