Sunday, December 23, 2012

Living Social - deals for your free $10 credit!

Check your email! Living social sent $10 credits to ANYONE that purchased $25 or more in the past month or so ...My code was "SAVENOW" so if you didn't get the email, try it in the promo code anyway and see if you get lucky:)

Even if you didn't get the credit, there are still lots of great deals to buy!

Here are several to choose from:


$10 at Short Stop Poboys for $5 (Trans near Airline) - you can get TWO of these with the credit!

$20 at That's Amore Pizzeria for $10(W Metairie)- you can get this one FREE with the credit!

2-year MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION - $7- FREE with credit plus $3 left!

HEART RATE MONITOR - $12 - only $2 with credit - AND free shipping!

SMILIE'S RESTAURANT - $15 for $30 - use the credit and get it for $5!

SHARI's BERRIES - $15 for $30 - use credit and get it for $5 - expires 2/28/13 - can be used toward tax and shipping!

TRAILRIDE IN SLIDELL  - $22 (regular $45) - use credit and it's only $12!

I-PAD CASE - $17 ($7 after credit) - have to pay $5.99 shipping but still a GREAT DEAL!

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