Monday, March 6, 2017

Get 3 FREE Meals from Blue Apron!

 healthy fresh ingredients Whats inside your delivery

Super easy way to cook a meal with little effort! I appreciated not having to find a recipe or shop at the grocery for ingredients- everything comes in the box that you will need (with the exception of olive oil, salt, and pepper) 

 And I cooked and ate several meals that I would never have made or even discovered I liked if it wasn't for Blue Apron!

Click here to get 3 Meals Free/$30 off on Your First Blue Apron Order

 Note: You will have to enter credit card information for balance - Also it will auto ship weekly 3 meals for 2 people so make sure to cancel/hold weeks that you do not want to receive the meals!

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Blue Apron - Give the Gift of Cooking

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