Monday, January 30, 2017

Monster Jam 2017 in New Orleans {Event Recap}

This past Saturday (January 28) we arrived early to the New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome to attend the PIT PARTY earlier in the day! With a 2:30 pm opening time, we got there a few minutes early to get in line and be on the floor quickly!

Pit Party at the Mercedes Benz Superdome
As you walk down to the Superdome Floor, you can see the TONS of DIRT (6,000 tons to be exact!) that they brought in just for the show - plus you can see the Monster Trucks!

Once on the floor, we grabbed a Souvenir Yearbook (only $10) and got in line for Driver Autographs and Photo Opps! The lines usually took 5-10 minutes to get up to the driver, but some popular Monster Trucks had really long lines! In fact, the lines for Maxx-D and Grave Digger were so long that they had to shut them down early!

We got to see the Monster Trucks up close - and boy are they BIG! Each weighing 10,000 pounds - it is quite impressive that the drivers can maneuver them like little toy trucks (trust me, they are not TOY TRUCKS - and they cost a lot more too!)

The PIT PARTY was packed this year - lots of people and I loved all the giveaways and other fun stuff going on too - like FREE chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A this year! And most importantly, we picked up FREE tickets to the PIT PARTY at our Southern Quality Ford dealership beforehand - so our entire afternoon was FREE!

And then the floor was cleared and the
And a show they put on! Starting with a Qualifying Round to see who goes first, then a DONUT competition, and finally the RACES and FINALE Freestyle Competition!

Can I just say it is SO LOUD in there - the earplugs and headphones we brought were a MUST! When the Monster Trucks REV the engines, you can feel the whole dome vibrate!

The FREESTYLE competition is my favorite - and I am guessing most of the fans agree! Each truck had 90 seconds to show their best tricks - and sometimes they Landed them, and sometimes they didn't - like when FLUFFY slammed down and his tire went rolling away!
A video posted by Tiffs Deals (@tiffsdeals) on

As you can see when a Monster Truck would attempt a crazy trick, the crowd went WILD!
After three hours of Engine Revving, Monster Truck Flipping fun, the winner was announced and it was no surprise that the 2017 Monster Truck Winner for New Orleans was GRAVE DIGGER!

Want to see more? Check out more videos and pics I took HERE -
Lots of Monster Truck flipping fun!
Tiff's Deals was provided complimentary tickets to Monster Jam for review and giveaway purposes.  All opinions (and fun we had) is 100% my own.


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