Monday, January 2, 2017

How to Start Saving $$$ in 2017!

Let's face it...Life is expensive! I want to do so many things...and with 3 kids - everything (even McDonald's) can cost a fortune!

So my goal is to help you (and me) to save money ALL YEAR LONG, but still have an enjoyable life - here are a few ways to get started!

If you are overwhelmed - pick one or two - you don't have to do all of them (but they all save you money- LOL!)


Money doesn't grow on your tree either?

I am ALWAYS posting deals and freebies on my facebook page - so make sure you like TIFF's DEALS facebook page HERE!

I post many LOCAL deals (New Orleans area) but also post LOTS Of nationwide deals so you don't have to live in NOLA to save some money!


EBATES - do you shop online? Then you must register with Ebates HERE - it's FREE and they give you cashback for your online purchases virtually everywhere!

All I did was shop online for items I needed anyway - just make sure to go to Ebates BEFORE each purchase so that you get CASH too!

(BONUS: After your first $25 online purchase at any store listed - you get a FREE $10 gift card!)


IBOTTA - Simply take a pic of your receipt (and sometimes a bar code) - and get INSTANT cashback (like a modern day rebate) - REDEEM YOUR FIRST REBATE withing TWO WEEKS of signing up and get an extra $10 for FREE!

Ibotta works all over the place now!  Movie Theatres - Groceries - Drugstores - Best Buy - Home Depot - and so many more!  You are guaranteed to see something on the list that you are already buying so you might as well get $ back for it!

Similar to Ibotta is Checkout 51 - you can double dip by uploading your receipt to both apps!  You don't need a smartphone for this one...and you can purchase at ANY store!


dealspotr coupons
Dealspotr - Great site to not only FIND lots of great deals at virtually every store you can shop, but you can MAKE MONEY by posting deals AND even just to confirm that a deal is VALID!
BONUS: Click this link HERE to register - and get HALFWAY to your first FREE gift card when you post your first deal!


SHOPKICK - how about FREE gift cards for buying ABSOLUTELY nothing! YEP, that's right! Simply walk in a store and get points - then walk out - points add up to FREE gift cards - I have over $300 in FREE gift cards (to Starbucks/Target/Gamestop/Lowe's/Sephora and more!) - and recently bought a 50 inch TV at Best Buy with my free gift cards- and lots of Christmas gifts too!


Grocery Savings Tips - I am a Winn Dixie shopper (love the Buy 1 get 1 FREE deals) - but no matter where you shop, you can probably take advantage of these savings too - and it doesn't mean you have to clip coupons!

If you want to clip coupons - you can print them on your way out the door - see link HERE
Tip: I don't get the newspaper anymore - I just print the ones I need right before I go grocery shopping!


ALL of these offer local deals at discounted take advantage of these when deals are available!  I post them on my facebook page as I see awesome deals come up!  If you are not already signed up for these (it's free too) simply click the links above and make sure you don't miss the deals!

Not in New Orleans? That's OK - because all those sites have TONS of cities listed!


KIDS EAT FREE - my list of local (New Orleans area) restaurants that have Kids Eat free nights - the only way to dine out with kids!

I also post restaurant deals weekly - so kids or no kids - you can save at LEAST half price when you dine out! So make sure you like my page on facebook so you don't miss out!

Want to know all the FREE (or close to it) events/activities
going on around NOLA? 

OR Get all the SCOOP on the deals I post FIRST -

If you like these deals, make sure to like TIFFS DEALS on facebook for more great deals! 
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