Wednesday, May 4, 2016

FREE Amazon Gift Cards for Liking Deals on DealSpotr!

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You know I LOVE my deals - and I LOVE to tell you about them! But there are endless deals out there for every store, restaurant, and online shop out there!

That is why I am so glad I found DEALSPOTR!
They have 100s of 1000s of deals just waiting for you to find them!

A great resource to browse before shopping online (and sometimes in-store too) - Simply search for the store you are looking for and see what DEALS are out there! AND NOW THEY EVEN GIVE YOU FREE AMAZON GIFT CARDS for finding great deals on their site!


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If you want to POST deals that you find, then you can earn points rather quickly for posting them!
  • MAX the points by posting deals with PROMO CODES, but you can get points for % off sales or freebies or anything that is a SALE deal!
  • Hint: As each deal can only be posted once, you need to be the FIRST one to find that code and post it! I do well posting first thing in the morning on my cell phone - I simply scroll through emails, find promo codes, and start posting!
  • You get more points if you have a picture/screenshot of the deal to show its legit!
  • You get more BONUS points if your deal is liked by many people and goes HOT or on FIRE!

These are some of the deals that I have posted!

Don't want to find deals? NO PROBLEM!
You can just let Dealspotr know when you see a good one!


Simply spot (aka like) a deal that you think is a good deal - if others agree, you get BONUS points just for being right! 

  • The key is to be one of the first to find/spot a great deal - you get more BONUS points if so!
  • Hint: I try to find great deals early in the day - when I come back on the site later, I have earned more points because others found the deal after me and spotted it too! (I didn't have to do anything except spot the deal earlier = faster way to get more Amazon gift cards!)
  • Dealspotr only offers you a limited number of spots per day - and as your accuracy of spotting good deals goes up - so does your number of spots per day!
  • Make a comment on a deal (like Thanks for sharing, great deal, etc) - and get MORE Points!

WANT TO DO BOTH? Post some deals - earn points when others spot them - and spot other people's deals they found and max the points!

I spent 15 minutes on Dealspotr (posted 5 deals and spotted a few good ones) and within 1 hour I scored 2,200 points - which is about 1/4 way to a gift card for 15 minutes of my time!


Don't forget, all these deals are being posted for people like YOU TO USE THEM! So make sure to search for a deal or promo code before purchases - IN STORE and ONLINE!

There may be a FREE shipping code you didn't know about - you just saved yourself some CA$H!
Or maybe a great SALE that you almost missed!

My favorite deal was for a $30 FREE product with any purchase that I planned to buy anyway - simply searching for codes to use on DealSpotr first, I got mine TOTALLY FREE instead!


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