Friday, May 13, 2016

Domino's Pizza Gift Card Giveaway - register now to win (37,000 gift cards available)


Domino's is releasing thousands of rewards sometime soon in celebration of spring! The fastest player will score a $500 e-gift card while others can walk away with a gift card ranging from $100 down to $4. The perfect opportunity to save on your next pizza night! So put some spring in your step, because the faster you react, the bigger the reward. But here’s the catch: the rewards could be released at any moment (before June 2nd), and only a limited number are up for grabs.

Once it starts it's first come, first serve and the biggest rewards go first. 37,000 freebies will be given out - so you have a good chance!


In the past, I received a $2 gift card - and a $5 gift card- and a $5 gift card! I used mine with other specials to basically get a FREE pizza or TWO!

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