Friday, April 22, 2016

All Mother's day gifts 50% off - free shipping - and gift wrapped! (4/22-4/24)

Moms are pretty much our favorite thing. Mother's Day is coming up and we have the ideal gift. Whether you need a gift for your mom, mother-in-law, best mom friend, or yourself, we have the perfect options. In addition, we will be gift wrapping and providing the card. It's the total package. 

For Fashion Friday April 22-24, Mother's Day gifts are 50% off + FREE Gift Wrap and Card, with FREE SHIPPING w/code MOTHEREARTH.

START SHOPPING NOW: Fashion Friday - 4/22/16 - Mother's Day Gifts for 50% Off + FREE Gift Wrap and FREE SHIPPING w/code MOTHEREARTH.

Coupon Code: MOTHEREARTH (This code will take 50% off the price in the cart, + FREE Gift Wrap & Card, with FREE SHIPPING.)

We have some of our favorite gifts in this collection. Our interchangeable earrings are such a fun gift. They can be worn 4 different ways. They come with 3 different stones that can be worn separately, or all 3 together. They will be $9.98, so you get the gift, card and the gift wrap for under $10! 

Our perfect monogram bangle will be $7.98, our lace trimmed scarf will be $9.98, and some of our favorite tribes for mom are being featured as well!


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