Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun Stuff on Amazon - Crazy Cheap and Free Shipping!

SODIAL- Handlebar Mustache Vintage Adjustable Double Ring - 38 cents shipped!  And you can get the matching earrings for 39 cents (thru the same link)  I have ordered this before and perfect gift idea!

SODIAL(TM) Scalp Head Massager (Colors May Vary) - $1.15 each

SODIAL(TM) Mickey Mouse Face Shape Cookie Cutter - 60 cents!  I have these and love them - very thick quality!

SODIAL- 110pcs drawstring Organza Jewelry Pouch Bags
 - $4.49 (that is 4 cents each)- I ordered these on my last order and LOVE them - I just need to find 110 things to put in them! Came in assortment of colors!

SODIAL- Silver Kitty Rhinestone Crystal Fashion Jewelry Set with Pink Bow - Ring Earrings Necklace 3 in 1 Set - $5.62 - I have ordered TONS of these for birthday gifts!  This is NOT the best price for them - but still a great deal!

SODIAL(TM) Rose Pink White Zebra Combo Hard Soft High Impact iPhone 4 4S Armor Case Skin Gel with free screen protector - $3.50 - there are TONS out there like this one - I have bought this one - and it is AWESOME! Has all the plugs in all the right locations and includes a hard case with the gel skin over - others are as low as $2 - click the link and you can see those there too...

I also have the cheetah print fur one with rhinestones (it's $3.18 and too too cute!)

so you get the idea - there are TONS more products out there, just click any of the links above and start shopping! Note: Since the products do come from Hong Kong, it takes a few weeks to get them - but I have had NO Problems with any of my orders so far!

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