Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hot Mess Tshirt - SALE $15.95 and FREE shipping (thru 5/2)

I LOVE Graphic Tshirts - they tell me HOW YOU REALLY FEEL without having to give them any attitude to get your point across! The messages inspire us, they make us laugh, remind us of our favorite shows, add a little snark to our day. There are many reasons we wear them and many messages they share with the world around us.

Bold & Full Wednesday, 4/26
Just Doing My Best Graphic Tee
The code is BOLD12 and it will make the tee just $15.95 + FREE SHIPPING. The code is valid 4/26 through 5/2.

 Just Doing My Best Graphic T-Shirt

I chose HOT MESS, JUST DOING MY BEST for my Tshirt because well..I am a MESS! If you look closely in my pic you can see a spot above the saying from when I spilled pancake syrup while making breakfast in the morning (OOPS!)

I was proud of myself for getting up and doing more than poptarts and then SYRUP HAPPENED. Story of my life, but I am TRYING so that has to count for something!

No Matter what Message you are trying to Wear, you can let others know how you feel about LIFE, YOURSELF and maybe even make someone SMILE when they read your shirt!

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