Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tribe Necklaces $11.99 and ships FREE (thru 8/21)

So here we are in Louisiana again in August which means Hurricane Season for us in the South - In August 2005 we experienced flooding and disaster of catastrophic proportions in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina and here we are again in August 2016 with flooding and disaster hitting us hard again in the Baton Rouge area.

It's so hard to watch others go through an unimaginable event like this - and none are alone - their Neighbors, Friends, Co-Workers and Strangers are all dealing with the same devastation.  They all lost everything...they all have nothing.

And although it is so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is one! Katrina stories have proved that! You never forget the hard struggles that had to be overcome and achieved, but THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE STORY and YOU GOT THIS!

Ironically - I had ordered these 2 necklaces over 2 months ago and yet they apply to what is going on around me today! I am sure many of us are dealing with Struggles in our own lives, big or small, they are important and meaningful issues for us and to have something to remind you of how a Negative can turn into something Positive is so uplifting!

Through Sunday, August 21, Cents of Style has Tribe Necklaces with lots of positive messages on SALE for $11.99 each and shipping is always FREE with all orders!

Use code TRIBE4 for the price to be reduced to $11.99 and shipping charges will be dropped too!

The necklaces come in 3 different styles and lots of phrases - so check them out and find one that DESCRIBES YOU!

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