Friday, June 10, 2016

Living the American Dream...Fashionably and FREE

It is officially Summer here in New's 99 degrees most days with insane humidity that feels like 108 degrees (on a good day!)

And even though it's HOT, the summer is filled with outdoors activities from swimming to outdoor concerts to barbeques to watching the sunset on the Lake.

We are vacationing this week just an hour away, but far enough to enjoy the peace and relaxation away from home.

Ok so I am still on wifi with cable and electricity (glamping if you will) but it's been great to chill out and not have to live watching the clock for an entire schedules, no activities...just me, the kids, and the dock.

That's part of "Living the American Dream" to me - being able to enjoy Life.  Even though we overschedule, overbook, and overwork ourselves, it is so nice that we have the ability to take time off and just "be" for a little while.  It's a brain break, it's a time to relax, it's a time to find inner peace, and then be able to get back to the grind with a new and improved attitude!

And of course, I can't forget that July 4th is coming up soon, and that means FIREWORKS and Red, White and Blue Celebrations to celebrate how proud we are of being AMERICAN DREAMERS!
I'm excited to say that Cents of Style is offering the perfect attire not only for July 4th celebrations, but cute and stylish enough for everyday wear all summer long!

Marin Two Tone Fedora Hat, Red, Scarves/Hats -- Cents Of Style - 1Lincoln Kids Flag Wayfarer Sunglasses, White/Black, Accessories -- Cents Of Style - 1Carissa Stripe Top, Red/White / Small, Clothing -- Cents Of Style - 14American Dreamer Navy Graphic T-Shirt

This WEEKEND only! Get an American Dreamer shirt for FREE with any $30 purchase and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order! 

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Please note, the FREE shirt will be offered with a pop-up upon checkout with any purchase that is $30 or more. This offer is not valid with any other coupon code or promotion. Limit one shirt per order/customer. Only one free shirt will ship per order. We will ensure that each qualified order receives the free t-shirt.

I received complimentary "American Dreamer" attire from Cents of Style.  However, all opinions listed (and vacation relaxation) above are 100% my own.


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