Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to Coupon in the DIGITAL Age on your Phone {Tiff's Tips}

So if you follow my page, you know that I STOPPED cutting Coupons and threw away my Coupon Binder! WHY? Because coupons have gone DIGITAL and it has simplified my life, and yet I still SAVE MONEY!

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So let's talk COUPONS in the DIGITAL age...


Checkout 51
  • How it works: Take pic of your receipt and get CASHBACK (ANY STORE included)
  • My favorite feature: Healthy "coupons" are always available for fruits and vegetable purchases. 
         Sometimes you can get them totally FREE (like buy 1-2
         bananas for 25 cents and get 25 cents back = FREE!)

  • My least favorite feature: Other grocery/household product offers can sometimes be limited, but if it is items that you purchase, then get the savings while you can!
BONUS: Upload your first receipt by June 15, 2016 - and get a BONUS FREE $5.00! To redeem this, you must Download the app with this LINK HERE!


  • How it works: Purchase a product on the list - scan barcode and take a pic of your receipt (At SELECT STORES)
  • My favorite feature: Cashback is not only for grocery items, but also includes Movie Theatres, Electronics at Best Buy, Gamestop, Payless and other Store rebates like $5 cashback on a $50 purchase, etc.
          I also love that Ibotta offers ANY BRAND options fairly often (any brand milk, eggs, orange 
          juice, etc) The items are usually on everyone's grocery list - the cashback is usually a small 
          amount, but it adds up quick! And Every penny counts!
  • My least favorite feature: Select stores only, which means no local stores (Winn Dixie, Target, Walmart, etc are included) 

Bonus: First time users, also get a $10 CASH BONUS with your first rebate redeemed!


  • How it works: Get CASHBACK for grocery store items (AT SELECT STORES)
  • My favorite feature: TOTALLY FREE 100% CASHBACK offers! About once a month they offer a product with a instant rebate for the full amount paid = FREE
          I also like that this app works in the background at many stores - meaning once your store 
          rewards card is input (and you use it at checkout register) it will automatically track your      
          purchase! If you purchase at a store that does not have a reward card, you simply take a pic of 
          your receipt so it's still pretty easy!
  • My least favorite feature: You must "Activate" coupons in order to use them.  So I try to remember at the beginning of the month to check the app for new ones (or at the very least before grocery shopping) - If the coupon is not activated, you don't get the cashback amount listed:(


  • How it works: Purchase an item on the list - scan barcode and take a pic of receipt (ANY STORE)
  • My favorite feature: THE FREE LINDT Chocolate! When you download the app, you get an offer for 100% cashback on a Lindt Chocolate Bar
  • My least favorite feature: There are not a lot of options available, but if it is a grocery item that you buy, then scoop it up while you can!

to get FREE Chocolate - enter referral code GYMCAMPC



  • Winn Dixie has a FREE phone app that allows you to "clip coupons" on your phone that automatically DEDUCT that amount off your bill when you scan you reward card at checkout!

Tip: You can use these coupons PLUS any of the ones listed above when they both have the same offer! Note: You must select offers in advance to redeem them.

  • Target has Target Cartwheel that allows you to "clip coupons" on your phone - scan the code at checkout and you get automatic discounts at the register!

Tip: You can double dip these coupons too when one of the other apps has the same offer!  Note: You MUST select offers in advance to redeem them.

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