Thursday, December 31, 2015

Champagne - Wine - and Liquor - get CASH for your New Year's purchases!

Ring in the New Year with a TOAST - and a little CASH back in your pocket!

Purchase Andre Champagne and take a pic of your receipt to get $1.00 CASHBACK!

Receipt must be uploaded before January 6, 2016! Get this offer here now!

You can also get CASHBACK on lots of other grocery items too - cashout when your total is $20! It is super easy to get there - just open up Checkout 51 before/after your grocery shopping trip - you will be surprised how many items you already buy!

[ yellow tail ]® bubblesMARTINI® Rosé Italian Sparkling WineSkinnygirl® Wine

Champagne not your thing? No worries! Ibotta has also a TON of Wine and hard liquor CASHBACK options too! Simply take a pic of your receipt and get CASH for those celebratory cocktails too! Even Skinny Girl Cocktails and Wine are listed! More info here!

PLEASE Drink Responsibly and Do not Drink and Drive!



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