Friday, November 27, 2015

XBox ONE Deals - $275 for the 1TB XBox (reg price $489)

Xbox One FIFA 1TB System Bundle with Charging Station
This is for the MEGA Xbox One - this gaming system is 1TB memory and includes TWO controllers and charging station! Value is $489 - With deals I found it for $275!

Note: This same system is selling on Amazon for 
Xbox One 1TB Console - EA Sports FIFA 16 Bundle  ($391)
Xbox One Wireless Controller ($39)

plus the Charging Station (I couldn't find the exact price)- BUT you get the idea...$275 is a GREAT DEAL for this!

(note you can also purchase the 500 GB smaller memory version on Amazon for $299 HERE

How to get this 1 TB Xbox ONE deal for $275:

1) Add Xbox One to cart HERE

2) Not eligible for discount codes!

3) Bonus: If you want EXTRA Cashback for your purchase, Go to Ebates (your items will still be in shopping cart) - Sign in and then search "Kohls" - click Shop Now - you are now eligible for 8% CASHBACK! 
      Note: New Ebates users also get a FREE $10 Gift card with $25/more purchase!

4) Don't forget to use your KOHL's Cash for another order in the future! (note if used Dec 2-6, you get an EXTRA 25% off, which means you have a FREE extra 25% to spend now!)


How it works:

Purchase Xbox = SALE PRICE $429.99 (reg price $489)

 Get $120 in Kohl's Cash for future purchase = $120 FREE

Total paid: $309.00

Plus 8% Cashback too from Ebates ($34.32)
Total paid: $274.68


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