Monday, May 4, 2015

Dental Deals - about $50 for a Cleaning and X-rays

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When is the last time you went to the Dentist?  As a person WITHOUT Dental Insurance, I will admit I had put this off for a LONG time...I knew a cleaning and X-rays was going to be a fortune - the last two appointments I declined to have X-rays done, simply because of the cost involved:(

Then I found a DENTAL offer on Groupon - There are several dentists throughout the New Orleans area with offers - Most of them include an Exam, Cleaning and X-rays (usually for new patients only) for about $50!

Check out these local DENTAL deals!
(Then Search for DENTIST - If you are not in the New Orleans, just click the same link and then search your area)

If you don't have a Groupon account - click here to get one!

I have to say I was quite pleased - I selected one near my house and trust me I got my "money's worth" - they took 16 X-rays at my appointment!

They all vary a little - so make sure to read the details before selecting one for you!

NOTE: I have no knowledge of any of the Dentists listed, and I encourage you to do your own research before making a purchase - after all it is your teeth:)


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