Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wrapp = FREE $6 gift card to H&M

Great little website called WRAPP! You can send gift cards to your friends - but some of the gift cards are TOTALLY FREE!

Currently, they currently have ALL of the following FREEBIES!

FREE $6 gift card to H and M 

You can send them via facebook to your friends (but have them send you some back too!)

In order for you to get the FREE gift card - you MUST have a friend send it to you!


Here are tips I learned when I used the Office Depot one in August this year:

Purchase AT LEAST $5 worth (of anything in store) and then use the $5 Wrapp gift cert - make sure Cashier puts it in as a GIFT CARD - enters the gift card info - then type $5 as the amount! (or it will be declined)

How to get the Wrapp gift cert - get the app here (it's free) have a friend/spouse also get the app and send you one (you can send them one too) - NO STRINGS ATTACHED! 

Buy $5 worth of items on SALE or anything in store really (My original total before sale price items was over $20!)
Use the $5 Wrapp gift cert


If you are interested in OTHER FREE GIFT CARDS - check out my post on SHOPKICK!

 You get FREE gift cards just for walking in stores and scanning a few items - NEVER NEVER NEVER buying a thing!!!!

I have been using it for a few months and have $100 in gift cards already!

Gift cards to: STARBUCKS - TARGET - GAMESTOP - AMC Theatre -  OLD NAVY - BEST BUY - LOWE's - and more!


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